Why People Love Russian Blues?

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If you plan to have a pet then you definitely have a lot of options in terms of which animals to pick to be your pet. Probably one of the best animals to choose as a pet would be a cat as compared to other pets, cats are quite easy to care for.
Of the many different cat breeds that people pick to be their pet; probably one of the most popular is the Russian blue, and that there are a number of reasons why people pick this breed of cat to be their pet.

Probably one of the main reasons why people love to have a Russian blue as their pet is the fact that the cat’s coat gives the cat a truly beautiful if not a unique look. Usually, you will perceive the Russian blue’s coat to have a silvery or grey color which already looks great. However, depending on how the light hits the cat’s coat; you will see that the Russian blue’s coat will give off a blue hue; hence the name of the cat.

Another aspect of the Russian blue’s looks that a lot of people love is on how tight the coat is on the cat. Other cats may have coats that can be quite fluffy, and that while this can be appealing to some people; the problem with this look is that it can easily make a cat look unruly. On the other hand, the Russian blue has a coat that sticks close to the cat’s skin. This quality of the Russian blue’s coat gives it a slim and sleek look that a lot of people really love.

The great looks of the Russian blue is not just limited to its coat however, as another aesthetic quality that a lot of people really love about the Russian blue is its face. Looking at the Russian Blue, you will see that the cat has a smiling look to it, making the cat look happy and very easy to love.

The Russian blue is not just all about the looks however, as another aspect of the cat that a lot of people really love is the personality of the cat. The cat is quite shy and laid back compared to most other cats, which means that this cat is quite calm but also can be quite difficult to deal with in the early stages. With enough time with the cat however, you will certainly have a pet that is truly loyal to you.

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Russian Blue Cat Insight

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People who own Russian blue cats know that they are some of the most loyal animals in the world. They seek the best russian blue cat facts so that their cat will remain happy and healthy for many years to come. However, breeders and other so-called “experts” in the field of Russian blue cats fail to mention some key things. While they are great cats to have as pets, they do come with a lot of responsibility. You must be willing to uphold your end of the bargain as a responsible pet owner, and give them the best life possible.

Russian blues use a litter box just like every other indoor house cat. However, they are much less tolerant of dirty litter boxes than other breeds of cats. If the litter box does not get cleaned each day, then the cats will start to spread waste elsewhere within the house. Essentially, they will use any area that is out of the way. This creates a major problem because you might not be able to locate the waste in order to clean it up. Cat urine has the power to ruin furniture and carpet forever. It gives off a pungent odor that nobody likes. A clean litter box will keep this issue from coming up very often.

This type of cat is very affectionate, but it does not always interact well with strangers. It grows to love and recognize its owners and friends who frequently stop by. When strangers arrive, however, they will run and hide at times. If they do this, do not panic. If the person is someone who will be coming over often, they will slowly but surely start to warm up to them. The thing that you must be wary of, is open doors. For example, if a package is delivered, and the front door remains open while you sign for it, your Russian blue might dart outside due to fear of the stranger. Alays be aware of where your cats are located before you open doors.

These cats are known for their beauty, but they are also known for their massive taste for food. They will continue to eat if you give in to their demands. When this happens, they put on weight very quickly. Some cats get obese, and this leads to other issues like heart problems. Try mixing a little bit of wet food in with the dry food to fill them up with normal servings. Some people feel guilty when their cats act as if they are hungry, but if you feed them the proper amount, they will remain healthy.

A Russian blue cat is very affectionate, and it shows gratitude toward caring owners. They love to cuddle, so if you do not like animals on your bed, then this miht not be the cat for you. If they do get onto the bed, you do not have to worry about too much shedding because they are considered to be of the short haired cat variety.

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