Go For The HCG Diet

Of all the different diet routines that you could try, you may want to go ahead and choose the HCG diet. It does involve the intake of synthetic hormone and may lead to some side effects but do take note that you can always reduce the negative effects of something and it’s the kind of diet method that have helped many worldwide manage their body.

With this technique, you may be able to alter your hormones to feel that you’re full or at least that you’re not hungry. If other diet plans haven’t worked for you then you should try this one since it uses hormone that’s present in pregnant women and causes appetite suppression plus improved metabolism. Likewise, it’s the kind of plan that you can combine with exercising too. For some more data about the said diet strategy and tips on how to take advantage of it, keep reading under.

Basically, this diet is something that involves three phases. The first which involves the intake of large amounts of food items in preparation for a bit of starvation that happens in the next stage. As mentioned, the second phase includes limiting one’s intake to five hundred calories only per day. The first and second stages would require you to consume HCG and to get some you should either go to a doctor to have a prescription, purchase from a reputable seller or visit health shops that have some synthetic human chorionic gonadotropin products in the form of vials for injection, pills or liquid drops.

To be successful in the second stage, you have to not only have determination but also a list of food items that have to be taken so that you’d be guided and help yourself during your struggle to limit your food consumption. Speaking of having limited food intake, you should try looking for Phase 3 hCG Diet Food list online to seriously manage the third stage because you have to know which of the foods that are available would be best for you to take since you wouldn’t be allowed to have starchy and sugary treats.

Basically, the phase three is for maintenance and so that’s why it’s very important. It’s the period that is crucial since it’s what would let you lose some weight for good or have your lost weight returned to you. This time, you’d also be reducing your HCG consumption since you’ll need to get your body back to how it used to function independently.

To make the most of this diet plan, you ought to know how to exercise. Instead of doing physical activities whenever you can, you may want to do workouts during times when you have the energy to lift some weights or push objects since you’d be weak from somehow starving your system. Also, you may want to choose workout methods that won’t let you become overly exhausted since you still have your immune system to bear in mind.

Steven Smith