All too often people will wake up in the morning tired and think that they need to get more sleep or alternatively they will wake up in the morning with a bad back or head and neck pains and often the response to this is they need more time in their beds. The problem is though that almost all the time it is the bed which is the problem or at least the mattress on the bed is the problem. A mattress was designed to help us get a good and peaceful night’s rest but sometimes we have a mattress which is not suited to us or perhaps our mattress has gotten old and so whilst it used to afford us comfort, it no longer does. Even when people do recognize the fact that the mattress may be the cause of their woes, often they do not change their mattress siting the cost of a new mattress as the reason.

A good night’s sleep is essential for us to perform whatever tasks we may have to the best of our ability though and so we should not hesitate in replacing the mattress when it is needed. As for cost there is today another option and that option is instead of replacing the mattress, just buy a mattress topper and place that on top of our old mattress. As a mattress topper is only the part of a mattress that provides comfort and does not include the portion that has to support our weight, it is smaller and therefore less expensive than a mattress of the same type. Today there are many different types of mattresses available with perhaps the memory foam mattresses starting to become the most popular but there are even memory foam mattress toppers if that is that you prefer. This means that everybody should be able to do something about getting a good night’s sleep and stop having to complain about aches and pains or lack of sleep.

If you are not sure which type of mattress topper is best for you, you can go to where many of them have been reviewed and that should help you decide. We spend one third of our lives sleeping on our mattress and so it is therefore obvious that we need a mattress which not only suits us but also provides us with a good and full night’s sleep. Some people have complained that the nights get too hot and as their mattresses allow heat build-up to occur, they get too hot and can’t sleep well. Although this occurs mainly in the warmer areas, some people have the same complaint in cooler areas during the summer months. The best solution for these people is, as not all mattresses or mattress toppers allow these heat build-ups, they buy a mattress topper that does not allow heat build-up and place it on top of their existing mattresses as and when they think they may need it or all the time depending on their location.

Steven Smith